Startup Choice 2017

Startup Choice 2017

You founded the best startup with a great product? Polish your pitch, convince your peers and become the community rockstar at Startupnight 2017!



Submit your startup pitch online to Octorank. The process is very easy. All eligible startups receive an invitation via email.

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25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB


25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB

On the main stage of the Startupnight we award the winner with a coaching package by Investitionsbank Berlin, worth 25.000€.

"Get the full package! Optimize your business plan, develop a financial strategy, increase your growth, be well prepared for internationalization."

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

Mobile Phones

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

On the main stage, the second and third place as well as the most helpful startup will be awarded with a bunch of mobile phones: The Huawei P9 is co-engineered with Leica and comes with a stunning dual-lens camera for amazing photos and videos. Sponsored by congstar!

About Startupnight

We have the only night you need! Startups can apply for participation and  associated awards and perks! Just click on the event you are interested in and apply within five minutes.
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Build high-performing teams with real-time peer feedback

Your employees want feedback and transparency on career development paths. You want them to develop faster and be aligned to accelerate your company's growth. We've built the solution for these...

Leapsome GmbH


Titan Eco Dry Wall Israel is an advanced patented Hard Core Gypsum Board. Titan Eco Dry Wall Israel has high impact and breakage resistance. The board can hold weight up to 100 kg per square...

Titan Eco Dry Wall Israel


Chargery offers a green mobile charging service for electric cars in urban areas based on smart data Analysis. Chargery delivers the energy right where it is needed. Further our service is perfectly...


Clang Music

The average marketing spendings for one new artist amount to $370 000. But only 1 of 20 artists is obtained as profitable. In most cases label companies lose money and artists remain unheard due to a...

Clang Music


Over the last 10 years, there was an emergence of the new communication channels. Mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, VR, AR, Virtual Assistants. The modern day user experience is composed of many...

Cognigy GmbH


The rise of eCommerce has seen online shopping develop at an ever increasing pace. Improved professionalism and easy-to-use shopping cart technology has led to a surge in demand for professional...

colormass GmbH


How do we turn user's online behaviour into real, offline actions? This is a daily problem faced by thousands of companies in hundreds of different industries. Generating online customer activity...


Cringle GmbH

Cringle was born to unclutter the cumbersome payment scheme and to make P2P Payments accessible anytime for anyone. We make moving money fun and easy.  There is an excessive amount of cash in the...


CS FOG - the first automated, intelligent, adaptive machine against cybercrime

Cyber Crime is growing, the damages are rising. It is time for a new thinking and new solution. Cyber Security FOG GmbH is a high technology company from Gelsenkirchen. Our mission is the fight...

Cyber Security FOG GmbH i. Gr.


We all love experiencing moments (like travels, events, birthdays, weddings etc.) together with friends and family. But have you ever noticed that we all record and document them individually on our...


Cyb-Org Technologies, Tel Aviv

What is the problem we are solving? These days, every retail/wholesale organization needs to rely on 5-7 different systems such as ERP, Smart Registers, CRM, Logistic and Inventory and more....


doks. innovations develops InventAIRy - flying sensor technology for automated stock taking with drones and ADAMone - smart sensor technology.

InventAIRy meets the challenges of high expenses due to non-value-adding inventory management and manual stock taking by too many staff, loss of time due to manual search processes in big warehouses,...

doks. innovation GmbH

DoQme - Cutting lines, Saving lives.

Medical systems waste around $500M a year on inefficient consultations while valuable time is wasted in waiting rooms. Our solution relies on statistical algorithms and user experience techniques to...


EMIGN - A journey from basic to unique

Furniture and home furnishing is 4bn€ industry today only in Germany with about 10% growth rate year-on-year. In addition, Germany has 3rd highest average spending per capita in world after US and...

Inkredible Indien

Envio Systems

The problem? 6 years ago we decided to try and do the impossible. To create the technology which enables us to interact with commercial buildings they way we envision we will be doing so in the...

Envio Systems