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by colormass GmbH

The rise of eCommerce has seen online shopping develop at an ever increasing pace. Improved professionalism and easy-to-use shopping cart technology has led to a surge in demand for professional product photography. Yet for many, obtaining appropriate and compelling marketing imagery has proven a difficult problem to address. In order to stay ahead of the competition, retailers are asking manufacturers to provide more images in less time. This pressure creates the following needs for manufacturers:
• Create images faster
• Create more images (e.g. for different product variations)
• Reduce the cost per image
• Modify existing images

These four needs are difficult to address using traditional photo shoots. The traditional photo shoot presents natural barriers to scaling of the process. When manufacturers want to create imagery, they face several distinct issues: building their product, finding a photo studio, a photographer, a crew, shipping it from their factory in Asia to the studio and then several difficult days of execution. If anything goes wrong (bad pictures, product or concept changes) they have to start over again from the beginning and re-shoots are expensive.

Rather than trying to correct each problem individually, colormass has devised a system for digitization and automation that moves the traditional product photo shoot into the cloud. By going digital you can remove the need for a physical product, a location, a team of people, accessories, stressful execution days and even the camera. More importantly, you can eliminate costly re-shoots since all 3D assets are reusable and the sets are never broken down.

The same marketing director will now be able to complete their project using a few simple steps. By moving the entire process into the cloud we enable our customers to create pictures right in their browser that are indistinguishable from real photographs. They can do this without any prior knowledge or training in 3D.