Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by Cutnut

We all love experiencing moments (like travels, events, birthdays, weddings etc.) together with friends and family. But have you ever noticed that we all record and document them individually on our own devices and share only our own view with social media?

How cool would it be if you could share your experience not only from your own point of view, but from everybody's who is experiencing that moment with you?

This is exactly what Cutnut offers. Our app provides a tool that enables users to create stories together. Simply create a new story, invite your friends, let them add their individual cuts (photos or videos no longer than 10 seconds) and share the story with everybody. We streamlined our tool to make your experience as easy as possible. The app does all the hard work, directly merging files together into one story. This way, you can focus on the essential: Experiencing the moment with your friends and family whilst creating collective memories on the go.

Cutnut is your stories. Just social.