Startup Choice 2017

Startup Choice 2017

You founded the best startup with a great product? Polish your pitch, convince your peers and become the community rockstar at Startupnight 2017!



Submit your startup pitch online to Octorank. The process is very easy. All eligible startups receive an invitation via email.

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25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB


25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB

On the main stage of the Startupnight we award the winner with a coaching package by Investitionsbank Berlin, worth 25.000€.

"Get the full package! Optimize your business plan, develop a financial strategy, increase your growth, be well prepared for internationalization."

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

Mobile Phones

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

On the main stage, the second and third place as well as the most helpful startup will be awarded with a bunch of mobile phones: The Huawei P9 is co-engineered with Leica and comes with a stunning dual-lens camera for amazing photos and videos. Sponsored by congstar!

About Startupnight

We have the only night you need! Startups can apply for participation and  associated awards and perks! Just click on the event you are interested in and apply within five minutes.
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everlean - The software solution for Lean Management

everlean is the digital solution to support Lean Management activities. Via an app employees can hand in ideas for improvement, which are displayed on the digital board (Continuous Improvement...



Evertracker provides a sophisticated IoT platform that gathers gapless information out of supply chains and complex logistics processes. Furthermore, it manages data in real-time applying machine...


evleet - first partner based platform for holistic eMobility solutions

Did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) are already profitable for a lot of commercial customers? Additionally, they are beneficial for the environment and the image of their owners. The real...

ecarme GbR


EYEVIDO makes carrying out eye tracking studies in the crowd possible – flexible and inexpensive. With eye tracking, you can find out how customers experience your visual product. Amongst other...


EZZARO - The easiest way to make and accept payments globally

Mobile payment app, driven by technology at each step, that allows a) merchants (payees) to accept and receive payments in real time & without having to spend on the set-up; b) consumers (payers)...


FANS4CLUB - The place where the club and its fans make their dreams come true!

FANS4CLUB is a crowdfunding platform and creative agency for professional sports clubs. On one hand we are solving the problems of sports clubs, that have a limited budget in order to realize their...

Fans4Club GmbH

From September 2017 onwards, provides an immediate redundancy pay solution through which a customers receives her compensation within 24hours. takes a stand for employees who have been terminated, online and without effort for the employee. What is the problem you are solving? convenient redundancy pay calculator without...

Getaway – democratizing car-sharing since 2017

We are Getaway and we have a mission. We are enabling private car owners to share the access to their car with the world. Getaway will soon be the biggest platform for car sharing since the owners as...


Glarify - Your global art map

Glarify is the personalized platform for all fine art lovers, which uses an art map powered by modern machine learning technology to provide the right art and exhibition suggestions to users based on...


GoTastie and find a beautiful Place or Event

We have at the monent the one and only chatbot in EMEA to find the right restaurant or event. We deliver three things, a Homepage, a App and a chatbot. On the other side the restaurant owner can...


helloguide: AI-based chatguides for museums

Currently, audio guides and museum apps offer only a one-way communication to visitors with no real interaction between visitors and museums. Visitors need to download museum apps and learn how to use...

helloguide GmbH

Hyko - playfully inspire and develop the heros of tomorrow

Hyko is on a mission to create a future where kids and adults are more conscious about energy and more protective of nature. Our first product Hyko is an intuitive and playful connected polar bear...


I Qube You

I Qube You are personalised Pop-up Invitations with Wow Effect for personal and business events or Direct Mail Campaigns. Those hand-made pop-up cubes will help to stand out, surprise, entertain and...

I Qube You


IDEE’s technology provides continuous authentication and user identification without use of passwords, which means that IDEE completely bans passwords for all users worldwide, and as a result...



immmr is a voice and video communication service that aims to bring back voice calling to everyone's life by making it as easy, hassle-free and as accessible as possible. We offer voice- and video...

immmr GmbH