Startup Choice 2017

Startup Choice 2017

You founded the best startup with a great product? Polish your pitch, convince your peers and become the community rockstar at Startupnight 2017!



Submit your startup pitch online to Octorank. The process is very easy. All eligible startups receive an invitation via email.

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25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB


25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB

On the main stage of the Startupnight we award the winner with a coaching package by Investitionsbank Berlin, worth 25.000€.

"Get the full package! Optimize your business plan, develop a financial strategy, increase your growth, be well prepared for internationalization."

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

Mobile Phones

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

On the main stage, the second and third place as well as the most helpful startup will be awarded with a bunch of mobile phones: The Huawei P9 is co-engineered with Leica and comes with a stunning dual-lens camera for amazing photos and videos. Sponsored by congstar!

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We have the only night you need! Startups can apply for participation and  associated awards and perks! Just click on the event you are interested in and apply within five minutes.
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Inapptics - user behavior analytics for apps

After having built apps for some of the biggest names in the world we saw our customers losing users and money due to not being able to understand important aspects of user behavior. With just one...



Infimé strives to make virtual try-on a norm in shopping experience, via 3D try-on for intimate apparel and swimwear. Infimé cutting edge technology allows the retailer to model entire...



To get the most out of influencer marketing, companies need resilient and reliable structures. In short: Processes need to be standardized, prices transparent, campaigns scalable and success...



More and more companies are looking to find startups to either invest into, learn from or to partner with them. At the same time the startup landscape is changing rapidly and it's nearly impossible to...



Inspirient industrializes the key capability of the digital economy – we use Artificial Intelligence to automate business analytics, end-to-end, from raw data to presentation-ready management...


IQ Wars

Everyone can convert their IQ into money. IQ Wars is a platform that let people participate in IQ and trivia competitions and win money in tournaments that has the same format as online...

IQ Wars

Job Pal - Literally, chat with every candidate

We're an HR Tech Company building chatbots for the recruiting industry. We have developed our own specialised NLP Engine to have a conversation with job seekers improving your candidate experience and...

Job Pal


From dating apps to corporate networking events - there's a huge movement of people who are sick of the same forgettable conversations all the time. For each new tool that shortcuts some sort of...



Please describe your startup in one sentence! It is a combination between Crafts and Industry. What is the problem you are solving? These travels and invaluable experiences inspired Anne...


KI basierte Big Data Analytics Plattform

Die cogia GmbH ist führender Anbieter von Software für Web-Monitoring und Big-Data-Analytics. Hauptprodukt ist eine Software-Suite, die eigene Suchmaschinen-Technologien mit KI basierten patentierten...

Cogia GmbH

Kumpan electric (e-bility GmbH) "Der Kumpan, Dein Gefährte"/ "Kumpan, your companion"

We develop, produce and market stylish electric vehicles (20-120 km/h) and portable energy storage systems. Our products, are not only designed for consumers, but for company’s fleets and sharing...

Kumpan electric (e-bility GmbH)

L7 Defense

DDoS attacks are one of the most common major threats against digital performance, with costs per incident that range from $50,000-444,000. The number of attacks per year is expected to triple itself...


Lara - your personal marketing expert

So many companies around the world have very limited access to advertising and to marketing services. They can´t afford it, find it´s too complex or simply have no time to care about in their daily...


LineUpr - The simplest way to create a mobile event app

Create a mobile event app for your conference, meeting, festival or any kind of event by yourself. It's simplest and fastest way to create a powerful event app. Event apps are the digital way for...


Liquid Director Gin Club

The Liquid Director creates every month a nee box with a selected bottle of gin, a matching tonic water, booklet with information and recipe and on top always some surprises. Enjoy the Gin culture!

Liquid Director