Startup Choice 2017 > Submission

Cyb-Org Technologies, Tel Aviv

by Cyb-Org

What is the problem we are solving?

These days, every retail/wholesale organization needs to rely on 5-7 different systems such as ERP, Smart Registers, CRM, Logistic and Inventory and more. Synchronization and integration among such systems are typically highly ineffective and results in limited performance. Additionally, it is a waste of time, money and man power resources.

What is unique about our solution?

Cyb-Org is a revolutionary robotic system that takes initiatives and does everything by itself in a smart, efficient and all-inclusive manner like never seen before. It deals with all of the organizational components in a smooth and standard manner with a single software code and a single database. The information is processed using online-available, ground-breaking technology for the benefits of all system components. This allows for more extensive, deeper, and more reliable utilization and results in increased effectiveness in management, operations, marketing and sales. We are talking about active intelligence that automatically acts to reduce your costs and dependency on employees and increases your sales and profits.

What really unique about Cyb-Org is the way it started and evolved... Erez Gur, the founder of Cyb-Org, who used to be the owner and manager or a large pet-supplies chain in Israel decided that he can't go on with the inefficiency and resources waist due to synchronization problems between the different big-brand software systems he used to have then to manage his business. Against all odds, advice and logic, Erez decided that he will build by himself the perfect single integrated organization management system and do it inside his organization in order to perfectly serve its needs. It took 6 long years but at the end and after long evolution, improvements and adjustments, Cyb-Org became a reality and exceeded even Erez very high expectations...