Startup Choice 2017

Startup Choice 2017

You founded the best startup with a great product? Polish your pitch, convince your peers and become the community rockstar at Startupnight 2017!



Submit your startup pitch online to Octorank. The process is very easy. All eligible startups receive an invitation via email.

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25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB


25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB

On the main stage of the Startupnight we award the winner with a coaching package by Investitionsbank Berlin, worth 25.000€.

"Get the full package! Optimize your business plan, develop a financial strategy, increase your growth, be well prepared for internationalization."

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

Mobile Phones

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

On the main stage, the second and third place as well as the most helpful startup will be awarded with a bunch of mobile phones: The Huawei P9 is co-engineered with Leica and comes with a stunning dual-lens camera for amazing photos and videos. Sponsored by congstar!

About Startupnight

We have the only night you need! Startups can apply for participation and  associated awards and perks! Just click on the event you are interested in and apply within five minutes.
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livyu GmbH

Our streams offer worldwide access to live concerts, that fans would otherwise miss. Sold out shows, expensive tickets, long travels or impossible schedules are the most common reasons why people...

livyu GmbH


Mcubus uses granulate and 3D misprints to produce continous filament for 3D printers. 3D printing nowadays leads to many misprints and filament spools are very expensive. What if you could reutilize...



Meemo is a Mobile Learning App for Scrum & Agile. We are changing the way people consume and learn content on Mobile and work with companies to help them with their digital transformation.


Minespider - tracking conflict free minerals using blockchain

Conflict minerals fund armed groups in conflict areas, and contribute to human rights abuses. Companies have a regulatory requirement to eliminate them from their supply chain, but this is difficult...



mitte is the first smart home-system combining water purification and enhancement. At mitte we want to change how water is consumed at home, by moving from a centralised to a decentralised water...


MoneyCoach - Award-winning AI-based Personal Finance App

Problem: People spend more than they earn... The majority of the 79 million U.S. Millennials are either unemployed, underpaid or weighed down with student loans. One in four Millennials, for...


More Money

Millions of people make terrible financial choices every day. One of the key reasons: we can’t cope with choice overload and complexity. At the same time dealing with financial institutions is...

More Money

Nova Products - luxury tech

To all the busy women out there - how many important calls did you miss because you could not find your cellphone in time? How many times have you wished to be able to take calls and have both hands...

Nova Products

OmniMundus - Google für die echte Welt

You will find it in the following video (including english subtitles): *Please describe your startup in one sentence! Omnimundus places screens...


openHandwerk as "Software as a Service" digitizes operational workflows in the craft business for small to midsized companies on the way to the paperless office. What is the problem you are...

PaketChef - Simply Control Your Parcels

Last Mile parcel logistics is neither customer focused nor efficient. Consumers demand higher convenience and wish to decide when & where they want to receive & send parcels. Retailers ask for...

Anton Schäfer

parlamind - World's first plug ‘n’ play Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service.

We enable Customer Service teams to refocus human's time on creating a great customer experience where it really matters: when customers need advise, with high value customers, and in complicated...


Pin2Pin supports Industrie 4.0 revolution through digitalization

Every smartphone is built of approximately 2000 electronic components. Original equipment manufacturers, e.g., Apple must source these parts from their suppliers. Sourcing is a considerably risky and...


Planning you daily drive

Make My Day is a location-based smart system that provides you the optimal route for your daily errands, helping you save time and money. Today, When you get inside the car ,you usually use a...

Make My Day


We're developing plant based cheese good enough to replace dairy cheese once and for all, and rid the world of the environmental damage that comes with it.