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Travel to Live

by Travel to Live

Every trip has planners and joiners. Planners are the guys trying to make the trip happen and getting
everything booked. Joiners love travelling too but they don't like all that other stuff - or they just don't
have time. Often, the planner ends up planning alone but that doesn't mean the joiners don't want to
have a say too.

Travel to Live makes travel planning fun and easy for planners and joiners, so that friends can plan great trips
together. Our simple swipe interface allows friends to quickly vote on and decide what they want to do, rather
than fall behind in group chats or get overwhelmed by long Google Docs. Make 5 votes, instead of 50
whatsapp messages. Organize your trip in an easy-to-use itinerary and track your planning progress with a checklist. Save time, keep everyone engaged, and have a great trip!