Startup Choice 2017 > Submission

doks. innovations develops InventAIRy - flying sensor technology for automated stock taking with drones and ADAMone - smart sensor technology.

by doks. innovation GmbH

InventAIRy meets the challenges of high expenses due to non-value-adding inventory management and manual stock taking by too many staff, loss of time due to manual search processes in big warehouses, idle time as a result of missing items in warehouses, empty spaces which are not documented in ERP systems and nonexistent data transparency in most of the intra logistics processes.

doks. innovation develops both: automated stock-taking hardware as well as algorithms and software for data analysis and processing. doks. uses drones as flying vehicle for an unique multi-sensory platform named ADAMone. ADAMone combines sensor hardware with a smart system which makes M2M communication and deep learning possible. ADAMone and the InventAIRy solution are the basis for big data analysis around intra and inter logistics, production and industrial environment. We adapt the smart sensor platform ADAMone whereever data acquisition is time consuming, based on manual processes or currently nonexistent.