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Envio Systems

by Envio Systems

The problem? 6 years ago we decided to try and do the impossible. To create the technology which enables us to interact with commercial buildings they way we envision we will be doing so in the future. Why? Because right now, the phone you have in your pocket has more intelligence built into it than more than 90% of commercial buildings around the world and as a result, they on average consume 50% more energy than necessary. To accomplish this, we had to reinvent building automation from the ground up to make it something it currently isn’t. Scalable, Affordable, Flexible, and Simple.

Envio’s technology makes possible a solution which enables the implementation of a sophisticated, scalable, low complexity, and low cost version of advanced BMS functionalities in an affordable and inter-operable implementation capable of enabling mass market adoption for the first time.

Focusing advancements in Wireless Communications, Embedded Processing, Cloud Computing, and Web Technologies towards Building Management. Envio is pioneering the capability to automate the installation, configuration and setup of Building Controls within commercial buildings. Result in drastically lower costs, greater interoperability, global scalability, and opening the door to new/significant market opportunities.