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CS FOG - the first automated, intelligent, adaptive machine against cybercrime

by Cyber Security FOG GmbH i. Gr.

Cyber Crime is growing, the damages are rising. It is time for a new thinking and new solution.

Cyber Security FOG GmbH is a high technology company from Gelsenkirchen.
Our mission is the fight against cybercrime. Our drive is to counter the growing cyberattacks with a system that recognizes and prevents today's and future threats. Our realization is that only an intelligent "machine" that has no fault tolerance and a response time in the millisecond range can effectively prevent attacks on IT networks.

We have developed this system over the last three years.

We combined an intelligent algorithm with an adaptive server to an effective unit. The algorithm is monitoring all IP addresses of a network. The algorithm controls all tools to defend the network. It will react in milliseconds when an attack is detected. The algorithm finds all anomalies that try to enter through an IP address. If the anomaly is not known, the algorithm will close the IP, the anomaly can’t enter the network.
The algorithm is lying in the network, it is the immune system of the network.
CS FOG is an intelligent, learning, automated and autonomous cyber security system. The system needs no human impact. It is learning permanent. It lies in the network like a fog. It can ‘t be found and it can’t be hacked.

It is the first machine against cyberattacks.