Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by Cognigy GmbH

Over the last 10 years, there was an emergence of the new communication channels. Mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, VR, AR, Virtual Assistants. The modern day user experience is composed of many channels and the brand that wants to be up-to-date should be present in all of them. With the progress of technology, people use their mobile devices more and more often. Google currently states that in 2016 already 20% of all queries were made using Voice. There is a strong shift from text to voice in digital communication. Cognigy helps companies to get a grasp on the opportunity to use natural speech in their communication.

Our software lets companies build their own centralized conversational AI in order to enhance the customer experience in the communication channels like Alexa, IoT Devices, Mobile, Websites, Facebook, Messenger, VR, IVR & Phone systems, Mobile Apps and more. Thanks to the software provided by us companies can easily create conversational flow in the graphical editor.

Our enterprise software solution enables multi-channel communication which is a huge value added to our clients and their customers. Additionally, the software is self-learning, so it is able to improve over time. Moreover, our AI is context-aware. This means that the conversation that the user starts on one channel, like Messenger, can be carried on and continued seamlessly in the another, like Alexa or Mobile App.