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by conichi

How do we turn user's online behaviour into real, offline actions?

This is a daily problem faced by thousands of companies in hundreds of different industries. Generating online customer activity is no longer an issue. We now have a wealth of information about our customer's online profiles. But how do we use this information in order to generate offline customer engagement?

That's where we come in. We enhance your ability to connect with your customers through the power of location. Our proximity services will allow you to provide your customers with real-time recognition, indoor navigation, proximity payments, keyless access and much more.

We use a combination of Wi-fi, QR codes, bluetooth beacons, and geofence technology to build you your own personalised proximity infrastructure. What's more, we support you with the entire process, from idea generation, all the way to product creation. It doesn't matter if your looking to learn more about the benefits of proximity, wanting to implement our SDK's in your app, or even if you need a customised app to be developed from scratch, we do it all.

The concept of using proximity in order to enhance customer engagement is so versatile that it can be used in any area of interest. We have already worked with leading businesses across a variety of industries, including Deutsche Bank, Zodiac Aerospace Technologies, and Lufthansa City Center. Our next step will involve introducing our solutions into the sports and entertainment world, to be used in a variety of stadiums and event venues.

Help us continue to grow so we can all experience the benefits of proximity!