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parlamind - World's first plug ‘n’ play Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service.

by parlamind

We enable Customer Service teams to refocus human's time on creating a great customer experience where it really matters: when customers need advise, with high value customers, and in complicated matters. All the trivial, routine problems of customers (like "How do I change my e-mail address?", "Unsubcribe me from your mailing list", etc.) can be handled by the AI in minutes.

Our "artificial intelligent Customer Service team member" handles the routine questions, complaints, and performs tasks in 3rd party systems like cancelations, address changes. This eases scaling, reduces cost, and allows the humans to focus fully on creating great experiences. Plus: the AI works 24/7 and allows small businesses to respond also at night and weekends.

Our technology is a combination of state-of-the-art Natural Languange Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning components. The AI is connected to customers' Customer Care software (e.g. Zendesk) via REST API and has a near real-time access to incoming customer communication.

The USP of parlamind is its plug 'n' play availability: usually it takes 3 minutes for a new customer to onboard and get first results. For a fully productive parlamind most customers only need to invest EUR 1 K - 5 K, taking less than 3 weeks. During this time the customer could already use a partially productive system. Compared to other solutions costing 6-figure and taking > 2 months, parlamind is low risk and low investment.