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Clang Music

by Clang Music

The average marketing spendings for one new artist amount to $370 000. But only 1 of 20 artists is obtained as profitable. In most cases label companies lose money and artists remain unheard due to a lack of information about potential fans and markets. Currently about 6 200 000 songs on Spotify have never been heard once. Automated curation by music streaming services distorts data about the listeners preferences by forcing taste into line. The industry needs honest and actionable data to get insights in target groups and base business decisions on.

Clang gathers fans’ listening behaviour data and provides it to labels, distributors, artists, managers, licensers, marketers and other stakeholders in music. Thanks to big data analysis Clang is thus able to predict meta trends and create holistic business intelligence solutions for the industry. To gather the data Clang provides music lovers two approaches of content discovery:
1) The Clang World Map: artists are spotted on a world map at their place of residence. Music lovers discover them by using filters (
2) Clang Discovery (mobile app): think Tinder for music. Users choose their preferred genre and the algorithm presents song teaser to them. The user can like or dislike them.

Clang‘s business intelligence, “Deep Echo”, does not only give raw data but also customized answers designed to tackle individual problems and deliver solutions based on smart data and its analysis. The way we democratize the discovery of music results in what we call honest data. Honest data is real, actionable, organic data. These insights are delivered to the customer in form of customized, informative and beautifully crafted reports enabling him to choose the right business decisions and being a leader in the music sector.