Startup Choice 2017

Startup Choice 2017

You founded the best startup with a great product? Polish your pitch, convince your peers and become the community rockstar at Startupnight 2017!



Submit your startup pitch online to Octorank. The process is very easy. All eligible startups receive an invitation via email.

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25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB


25.000€ Worth of Coaching by IBB

On the main stage of the Startupnight we award the winner with a coaching package by Investitionsbank Berlin, worth 25.000€.

"Get the full package! Optimize your business plan, develop a financial strategy, increase your growth, be well prepared for internationalization."

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

Mobile Phones

Huawei P9 Mobile Phones by congstar

On the main stage, the second and third place as well as the most helpful startup will be awarded with a bunch of mobile phones: The Huawei P9 is co-engineered with Leica and comes with a stunning dual-lens camera for amazing photos and videos. Sponsored by congstar!

About Startupnight

We have the only night you need! Startups can apply for participation and  associated awards and perks! Just click on the event you are interested in and apply within five minutes.
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The Mood Corporation - Feeling good: anytime - everywhere

The Mood Corporation – Just feeling good, whenever and wherever. We believe in our products that empower you to do bigger and better things. Based on your vital functions our app and hardware will...

The Mood Corporation

Ticketrunner - Turning Event Fans into Ticket Sellers

Only 3 to 5% of all events are sold out. Why is that? Not because the events are shit but because event organizers have a hard time marketing them. Ad blockers, ever changing facebook algorithms and...


Travel to Live

Every trip has planners and joiners. Planners are the guys trying to make the trip happen and getting everything booked. Joiners love travelling too but they don't like all that other stuff - or they...

Travel to Live

Triple-E Augmented Reality Platform

Triple-E is an universal platform based on Augmented Reality technology. Triple-E allows regular users without any technical background to create their own AR samples on mobile just in 3 easy...


Uberchord - Leading Music Education into the 21st Century

Uberchord is leading the inevitable transformation of music education in the 21st century with a learning platform that uses state-of-the-art audio recognition and real-time responsive AI learning...


Valsight - simulating scenarios for better & more informed decisions

We always say our software is an enabler. Valsight allows Founders and Managers without a distinct background in controlling and financial analysis to work with their financial data and to simulate...



VINOFLIX ist eine kuratierte Online-Plattform für authentische Weine von ausgesuchten Winzern. Wir haben uns zum Ziel gesetzt, den Weinkauf für den Endkunden so komfortabel und einfach wie möglich zu...


Virtual Reality made simple

KARO aims to empower non-technical users to create immersive Virtual Reality Experiences (VRE) that can be published and consumed across different VR devices and platforms using existing multimedia...


VR First Online Competition Platform

Changing the way the world innovates with VR/AR VR First helps businesses get ready for tomorrow by embracing the world’s top talent today through supporting. VR First is an open innovation...

VR First

We make sending something as easy as possible.

Booking a courier or an express parcel service can be very painful. Queing at a post office is even worse. With Packator sending something is just one click. Packater is the integrrated marketplace...

Packator GmbH

We predict your next customer at the right time and tell you exactly what to do to be successful.

What is the problem you are solving? Gartner is talking about that 70% of sales reps are not reaching their sales goals. This causes because of: outdated B2B databases, outdated methods for buying...


Why we need to change the way we think about delivery services

In the last two decades, the mailing and parcel shipping industry saw a dramatic decrease in both usage and interest. The digitization of services and goods were a big threat to this legacy method of...

Tretbox GmbH

Winture Water Kiosk !

Boreal Light’s Water Kiosk is an entrepreneurship driven profitable enterprise, which seeks to deliver safe water at an affordable price to low income consumers in East Africa. Using solar powered...


WUNDER - Building Consumer AI to assist Wunderful People to find Wunderful Products they love

With the rise of the web, people have more and more options to chose from. Still, finding the "right" products and services is time consuming and difficult for consumers, as todays ecommerce &...


X-TEC: renewable-energy mobility hardware

X-TEC recuperates most of the energy a vehicle uses to combat air resistance. For long-haul trucks, this means saving up to one third of the total energy, and fuel, used, while competing technologies...