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Nova Products - luxury tech

by Nova Products

To all the busy women out there - how many important calls did you miss because you could not find your cellphone in time? How many times have you wished to be able to take calls and have both hands free at the same time - without wearing a headset and looking like a receptionist?

Nova Products has the solution. We produce the most elegant and comfortable headset of all times - inside of real pearl earrings. You can wear them all day, and still look stunning. Your ear canals stay free, the speaker is inside of the pearl as well. Don't worry, nobody can listen to your conversation. The speaker is as close to your ear as the speaker of your cell. The microphone is great, it transmits your voice perfectly. And still - the tech is invisible.

Don't only use our pearls for phonecalls. You can also listen to your audio books or talk to your virtual assistants.

And to all men out there - we did not forget about you. If you are wearing an earring - we are eager to put our tech in there. Even if you don't, we will offer you a stunning piece of male jewelry with the main functions. Just you wait...

Help us get to market quickly and bring this awesome piece of jewelry faster to you. Give us your vote! Please register on our website for our kickstarter campaign to not miss the jucy early bird discounts!