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OmniMundus - Google für die echte Welt

by OmniMundus

You will find it in the following video (including english subtitles):

*Please describe your startup in one sentence!
Omnimundus places screens (in various sizes) on places where passersby are wating (more than 2 minutes on average). The screens show news, sports, weather and also a little bit of advertisement. If the passerby likes the content on the screen, she/he can take it to their smartphone without any app!

*What is the problem you are solving?
The solves the problem for publishing house, that nobody will read their content any more, but also advertisers. Both parties can now measure, what their customers really want. If something is taken to the smartphone, it is by definition relevant for the user. Also for owners / renters of commercial spaces it is extra money, since they get a share of the income, which is generated with the advertisement. For the passersby / consumers, this solution finally let's them do a "click" in the real world, like they would to on the internet -- and therefore they finally get what they want and really like.

*What is unique about your solution?
The solution is - from a technical perspective - completely unique worldwide and we can offer the screenspace cheaper by a factor of 20 to 100!

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