Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by Mcubus

Mcubus uses granulate and 3D misprints to produce continous filament for 3D printers. 3D printing nowadays leads to many misprints and filament spools are very expensive. What if you could reutilize your misprints or create your own filament from much cheaper granulate? And what if you could colorize your prints while printing your ideas? Or what if you could experiment with different materials and produce a filament with perfect characteristics for your product? At this point Mcubus comes into play with the Re-Fila (patent pending) and removes the negative side effects of FDM-3D-Printing. With the Re-Fila 3D printing becomes a truly sustainable technology of today and tomorrow. The Re-Fila is able to create filament just-in-time when needed by the 3D printer. It works with any FDM-3D-Printer and is able to adjust the speed of the filament production to the speed of the 3D printer. This is only possible due to the patent pending Fila-Sense technolgy inside the Re-Fila which is unique in the world.

The Re-Fila takes 3D printing to the next dimension and makes it possible to influence the material itself and extend the possibilities of engineers, architects, craftsmen and companies all around the world. Furthermore it will also reduce the production costs drastically and increase investments in the 3D printing industry. If you are looking for the extraordinary and the "next big thing" in a promising and rising sector, then Mcubus is the only choice. With the Re-Fila Mcubus offers innovation and entrepreneurial spirit made in germany.

We solve tomorrow's problems of 3D printing today!