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Pin2Pin supports Industrie 4.0 revolution through digitalization

by rano

Every smartphone is built of approximately 2000 electronic components. Original equipment manufacturers, e.g., Apple must source these parts from their suppliers. Sourcing is a considerably risky and expensive (>60% of opex) process. Which is why, in case of part shortages, Apple might not be able to answer market demand and lose potential clients.

Pin-2-Pin is providing an objective data source allowing smaller manufacturers to better source required parts . Every electronic manufacturing company goes through the process of assessing new suppliers and negotiating for better material costs. Reducing those costs can dramatically affect bottom line.

What we found is that this risk management and negotiation power starts with knowing what’s available in the market. Pin2pin automatically finds you an alternative bill of material that answers your design constraints and can act as a replacement in case original supplier is unable to answer lead time.

We built a robust database of electronic parts which is objective and comparable.
On top of that we deployed a matching algorithm that involves both machine learning capabilities and un-supervised learning matching algorithm. This process of integrating data from different sources can be deployed to other lines of businesses with relative ease.

We are aware that this huge market (1.2 Trillion $ annually) is focused around strategic contracts (>70%) but still there is a huge opportunity in the “Commodity” (Passive, Active, Sensors, LED, wiring & Connectors) part market that are easily replaceable. Procurement supported software industry is growing fast with market value of 9 Billion $.
Pin2Pin wishes to become a data provider for the manufacturing industry, aiming at improving the communication between part manufacturers and OEM through a “smart” process/ service.