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More Money

by More Money

Millions of people make terrible financial choices every day. One of the key reasons: we can’t cope with choice overload and complexity. At the same time dealing with financial institutions is time-consuming and complex.
More Money offers simple, easy to use solution. We help companies to effectively communicate with their users by providing a solution that enables them to replace human interaction with customers by AI assistants.
We’re focused on building advanced intuitive interface: users have an experience where they’re interacting with an intelligent assistant as if it’s another person.
The natural language and vision understanding enable us to really understand the meaning of the words and how they apply in inter particular context like personal finance.
It enables:
1. Interactive textual and voice conversation with users
2. Reading and understanding financial documents
3. Analyzing inputs and triggering actions: intelligent conversation, promoting existing services, introducing new products
Users are able to get to the complex financial decisions through this completely natural interaction. And this is going to change the way people make financial decisions.