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Planning you daily drive

by Make My Day

Make My Day is a location-based smart system that provides you the optimal route for your daily errands, helping you save time and money.

Today, When you get inside the car ,you usually use a navigation system to bring you from point A to point B, but it doesn’t help you if you have a few errands to do during your day.

Make my day will provide you the optimal route to all the errands and destinations ,using our unique algorithm and based on data such as :

• Distance to all the errands - lead you to a post office that is next to your meeting instead of going to a different directions.
• Time standing in line inside the business- same example –lead you to a post office without waiting line in your route.
• Traffic and parking, business opening hours
• Your schedule & meetings and more

So in the end, your daily drive and errands will be very simple and easy, and you will also know in advance ,how long each errand should take and the total time for all your errand.

How does it works :
All you will need to do is to say what you plan to do today, for example : gaz station,post office,10:00 AM meeting , and you will get the list of the errands we made for you ,indluding the time for each errands and the total time for all of the errands.
The just say Go or Navigate – and you will see the optimal route on the map and it will lead you via your own navigation system that you already use , in your car or mobile.

Operating under a B2B model, the company is currently in discussions with major players in the automotive industry to help drivers save time and money for a more efficient user-experience.