Startup Choice 2017 > Submission

Getaway – democratizing car-sharing since 2017

by Getaway

We are Getaway and we have a mission. We are enabling private car owners to share the access to their car with the world. Getaway will soon be the biggest platform for car sharing since the owners as well as the users profit from the service. The average car stands still 23 hours a day. This is highly inefficient in terms of personal investment, environmental balance and urban planning. If you chose to share your car with the Getaway community you’ll literally earn money for doing absolutely nothing, you will even save the environment and give space back to crowded cities. Taking part in this revolution does even have more benefits, like getting you car moved if you don’t use it a lot or knowing where it is and that it’s save if you are on vacation.

But isn’t that way to technical? And what's about the insurance? Many ideas fail because they are made for a few people with a very specific problem. Getaway is unique because it solves a realistic problem for all the people. Users don’t have to worry about technical difficulties or legal problems. The engineers of Getaway install a GPS and telematic box into the cars, which is done in one hour and less. After this the owner only needs the app to grant access to the car. The terms of access (time slots and price per kilometer) are handled by the owner sole per app. While in use, every Getaway car is also insured by a third party insurer, who covers all the damage if there should be one. Even the billing of fuel is done by Getaway, so every user just has to step in and out. Rent it – enjoy it – park it, it’s that simple.

With the trend of not owning cars exclusively anymore, everyone will benefit from the new age of mobility. Space will be created due to the decreasing demand in cars on the streets. Cars are getting used to their full effect for the first time in history and car owners are even earning money with their car as they don’t need it. How much cooler could it get?