Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by Evertracker

Evertracker provides a sophisticated IoT platform that gathers gapless information out of supply chains and complex logistics processes. Furthermore, it manages data in real-time applying machine learning algorithms. Our aim is to automate and optimize logistics processes along the entire value chain. Our clients use our solution already today to make their processes more efficient and predict events. This helps them, for example automotive manufacturing companies, to optimize production processes.
Our vision is to build a solution that is fully embedded into logistics and supply chains and that manages all the processes from the order of raw materials to the delivery of products to the end-consumer.
To achieve our goal, we developed our IoT platform openly to be independent from hardware solutions. We’re able to connect any data source, such as ERP or CRM systems, and hardware solutions, such RFID, Bluetooth, GPS or else, to our system. In addition, we’re providing GPS-devices for a simple start and easy access to data.
However, gathering data from existing and other sources, enables us and especially our clients to make their supply chains fully transparent and our solutions becomes highly scalable as the financial entry-barrier is relatively low.
We gather real-time information, compare it to historical data and correlate our findings to existing information, such as weather, traffic, day times and many other. Furthermore, we’re not only comparing the data and calculate probabilities, we’re also working on moving patterns and pattern recognition, which helps us to identify normalities and deviations.