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Glarify - Your global art map

by Glarify

Glarify is the personalized platform for all fine art lovers, which uses an art map powered by modern machine learning technology to provide the right art and exhibition suggestions to users based on their location and individual taste.

We are building an art community which is highly accessible. As an art lover you love art and exhibitions, but where to look and where to go? Art and exhibition discovery is fragmented and not relevant for your needs with high barriers to entry. Art still needs to be experienced on site before you buy. Therefore we created a global art map with local focus where art lovers receive personalized suggestions with machine learning, based on their taste, experience and behaviour. This open, uncurated platform leads to a larger target group. Artists and galleries on the other hand can use Glarify as a unique target-oriented promotion tool and can spend their marketing budgets on Glarify to replace flyers, print ads, facebook, Adwords etc.

With the Google Map approach, the art scene is made visible through crowdsourcing of the information and enables an easy entry for interested art lovers. Whether at home or on the road, Glarify is a platform where hidden places, special exhibitions and emerging artists can be found, which have to be discovered. Classical barriers to the elitist art business are overcome and the art world is made accessible to a broader, art-interested audience. Thus, the art market as a whole is increased, which also increases the sales opportunities for the individual artists and galleries. Glarify pursues the democratic approach in the art world and focuses on the taste of the individual user as an indicator of what good art is. Based on the user behavior, the specially developed algorithm, based on the "Google Vision Engine" and the open source software "", provides suitable art proposals.