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EZZARO - The easiest way to make and accept payments globally


Mobile payment app, driven by technology at each step, that allows a) merchants (payees) to accept and receive payments in real time & without having to spend on the set-up; b) consumers (payers) to pay instantly globally, without having to carry cards, cash, ACH, etc and even without being online; c) merchants (payees) a first-in-the-market re-targeting/re-engaging engine, giving them a tool to cross & up sell boosting their average ticket size significantly. Through this unique big data, AI based engine we aim to become the leader in offline retargeting by combining the physical and online world.

> 50% of the total transactions volume in EU are still cash based. >70% of the merchants interviewed find handling cash both expensive and cumbersome & have no customer touch points (/re-engagement) after the transaction which keeps the avg ticket size small. On the other side, >75% of the customers interviewed hated cash transactions and/or carrying their cards every time.

We're one of the few ventures in this space catering to problems of both the payee (merchants) & payers (consumers). In EU we will be the first one to provide such a solution that even works offline for payers. Also, we will be one of the first ones in this space to provide a re-targeting/re-engaging engine for payees.