Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by IDEE GmbH

IDEE’s technology provides continuous authentication and user identification without use of passwords, which means that IDEE completely bans passwords for all users worldwide, and as a result passwords cannot be forgotten or have to be managed by users, and providers have no password management and reset costs anymore.
IDEE removes the frustration people suffer from having to use passwords. We remove friction from a person’s life. Currently, there is not only one “you”. A Person’s physical identity is separated from his/ her digital identities. Additionally, a person has many identities in the digital world. We merge the physical and the digital identities into one identity.
Users cannot manage the large amount of identities they created in the digital world. Persons cannot effortlessly and securely move between the physical and digital worlds. Persons cannot control their privacy. There is too much friction in daily life authenticating, authorizing or identifying. This steals time from users, creates costs for providers, and provides attack vectors for hackers.
Before IDEE’s technology there was no way to effortlessly deliver:
- User privacy
- Convenient One-click-access
- Secure communication
- Identification
- Authentication
- Authorization
- Military grade security
IDEE solves all of the above.
Patents: We filed two patents. Continuous authentication defends against state-sponsored quantum computing based cyber attacks.
PKI: IDEE enables the distribution and effortless management of PKI (public-key infrastructure), same technology as blockchain
No passwords: Users do not have to enter any passwords, tokens, or PINs. IDEE offers One-Click-Convenience.
Cross industry: Applicable across all industries for all users who use a handheld. Therefore, enormous market potential: 2.7 bln. handhelds worldwide.
Exceed regulations: IDEE exceeds the demands of GDPR for two-factor authentication.
Highest security level: military grade security.