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evleet - first partner based platform for holistic eMobility solutions

by ecarme GbR

Did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) are already profitable for a lot of commercial customers? Additionally, they are beneficial for the environment and the image of their owners. The real problem today is the high complexity and lack of transparency when it comes to purchasing an EV.
Currently the customers are neither aware of the available offers nor of the benefits of eMobility. The offers on the market are only solving parts of their problems. The comparison and combination of the offers is very cumbersome and require a high level of know-how. Professional consultants are only affordable for bigger companies. Leasing companies, providers for charging solutions, installation and software focus only on their expertise and their part of the whole solution. Existing marketplaces do not focus on eMobility and therefore have a limited offer
evleet is Germany’s biggest independant platform offering eMobility solutions as transparent and convenient as possible. We offer holistic eMobility solutions for commercial and private customers including a variety of different electric vehicles, charging stations and much more, depending on the individual needs of the customer. We combine personal expertise with technology focussing exclusively on eMobility. evleet analyses the customer’s mobility needs so that the customer receives the most suitable offers. We compare and combine the offers of different OEM, leasing companies, mobility service providers, consultants and many more suppliers offering eMobility solutions.
Our partner-based approach and our strong focus on eMobility gives us the chance to create the best customer experience as a first-mover. It also let’s us move into a promising new market (leasing, online sales, eMobility) and to understand and shape the customer behavior. With our exclusive offers e.g. flexible leasing, we make sure to maximize the customer’s value. Our digital focus enhances the customer experience with low costs.