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More and more companies are looking to find startups to either invest into, learn from or to partner with them. At the same time the startup landscape is changing rapidly and it's nearly impossible to keep track on all startups out there. Conventional methods of getting to know new startups like attending conferences or checking news websites are extremely time consuming. Furthermore, only a small part of the existing startups can be identified this way. Existing databases that contain startups do not provide enough of information about what the startups actually do: What is their product? Which exact service do they offer? Which technology are they using? Subsequently, startups that offer something that might be valuable for a company cannot be identified without checking their website manually and collecting additional data.

INNOSPOT enables companies to search a growing database of the world's startups (now over 430.000) and find them based on their product, service and used technology. Our platforms uses intelligent algorithms based on machine learning to provide a list of startups that is automatically ranked by relevance for the specific search interest. This saves time, increases the number of startups that can be searched and provides the possibility to find them based on specific use cases.
Opposing to existing databases focusing on financial information we gather information on a technical and contextual level to create new possibilities for startup identification.