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Please describe your startup in one sentence!

It is a combination between Crafts and Industry.

What is the problem you are solving?

These travels and invaluable experiences inspired Anne Werner to build her own company KERAMIKSTUDIO ANNE WERNER© in 2011 with the aim of „bringing the old knowledge into the new generation and era“. She developed her very own style and techniques of ceramic manufacturing following her philosophy to create sustainable, timeless and long-lasting peaces of high quality with respect to mankind, animals and nature.
The headquarters are based in Meißen.
Collections: environment-conscious . sustainable . long-lasting . classic . timeless
Handmade in Germany.

What is the unique about your solution?

My own Design is inspired by my worldwide travel tour (03/2007 - 12/2010).
Design elements of Greece, colours as subtile as Japan’s culture and authentic and nature-minded as African traditions: The handmade products of KERAMIKSTUDIO ANNE WERNER© represent favourite peaces for a conscious and healthy lifestyle – veritable charmers of the hand, signed with the original fingerprint of their creator.
Furthermore, in order to be able to create new solutions for environmental technologies such as water filter systems in cooperation with FGK Institute for inorganic Materials Glass/Ceramic GmbH.

Why should we pick you for the startupnight?

Cause I´m a Winner.
I have reached all my personal goal.
Take advantage of it.

How will you creatively present your startup at Startupnight?

I will show you some old technics in CERAMIC Crafts.
I will entertain you with my travel story as ceramist around the world.
I will give you some new ideas for the future to life in a balance system with our healthy and environment.
I will show you the solution in clay.
With text, pictures, drawings, products, clay and my voice.