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by Jori

From dating apps to corporate networking events - there's a huge movement of people who are sick of the same forgettable conversations all the time. For each new tool that shortcuts some sort of interaction, there's more and more users who just wish they could have a meaningful conversation. Right there. With a real human.

Jori is a cardgame that kills small talk. Yes, you read this right - it's actually a physical game. It stimulates people to look into each others eyes instead of a screen. It challenges the players with weird and profound questions and facilitates intimacy between players.

While most games focus on mere entertaining, Jori is a tool for people to explore each others' personalities in a safe and controlled environment. Tested in more than 700 iterations, it has 96% acceptance in the Berlin crowd, including internationals. Strangers walk out of conversations with a feeling of belonging, married couples find out new things about each other, dates become memorable.

There's something between you and me that is special - the place where out conversations are fluid and we learn a lot about each other. Jori help us get there quicker.