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by Inspirient

Inspirient industrializes the key capability of the digital economy – we use Artificial Intelligence to automate business analytics, end-to-end, from raw data to presentation-ready management slides. Our technology fuses comprehensive probabilistic analysis methods with business common sense to automatically derive meaningful insights from any dataset.

The promise of Digitization is that data can drive economic growth and enable new business models across industries. Yet, at the current stage of development, specialized analysts still spend more time executing data analyses rather than thinking about the business implications of their results. We at Inspirient help our customers to easily master the challenge of dealing with huge amounts of data. Using Inspirient requires no training or technical know-how and reduces a company’s dependence on specialists for analytics.
Our AI generates slides displaying all the relevant insights from a given dataset (e.g. Excel or CSV). Within minutes the software is able to discover trends and distinctive characteristics that can be crucial for making business-critical decisions or they can even show opportunities to increase a competitive advantage.
As a result Inspirient breaks down the formerly resource-intensive process into three simple steps: Submit a dataset for analysis to our system, review the discovered patterns presented as management slides, and, finally, take data-driven action.

Our business model is best described as Analytics-as-a-Service, where our customers can choose between pay-per-use, so they are charged for each single dataset analyzed, or a subscription option, where they pay a monthly amount and can have their data analyzed until they reached a certain monthly data limit. Significant scaling is ensured since we can serve all customers using the same technology.
Additionally, we offer consulting to advise customers on how to get the best out of the AI’s findings.