Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by Infime

Infimé strives to make virtual try-on a norm in shopping experience, via 3D try-on for intimate apparel and swimwear.

Infimé cutting edge technology allows the retailer to model entire collections rapidly using our advanced modeling algorithms. Integration into any e-commerce site can be done via zero-integration, with a single line of code.
The end customer clicks a try-on button on her favorite item, enters her body measurements and gets a visualization of the item on a 3D model. The system will recommend the correct size for that brand and additional items that customers with similar body types liked.

Infimé virtual 3D try-on helps increase average cart value and lower the rate of returns, tests showed 35% increase in conversion rate, double session duration time and lower rate of returns. 

The system uses machine learning to give the retailer valuable data about customers’ body types and shopping habits.
The virtual 3D try-on is available online, in physical stores and VR.