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Berries App

by Berries App

We make investing incredibly easy.

Berries connects investing with spending money and offer a simple simple way to become an investor. Your bank account is securely synced with the Berries App and your purchases with a debit or credit card are rounded up to the nearest Euro. The Round-Ups will then be invested into a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds based on Nobel prize winning standards of the modern portfolio theory. Thereby, we make investment services accessible for everyone.

During our time as financial advisors, we could see that a vast majority isn't investing at all. The concept of investing people’s spare change lowers the barriers for an investment decision significantly and therefore encourages higher capital market participation. Almost everyone has at least once put aside change into a piggy bank. By introducing Round-Ups, Berries brings this concept into the world of electronic payment.

We think that everyone should be an investor.