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by XignSys

We are developing and providing XignQR - the 4th generation of IT-Security. With XignQR we are offering adaptive password-less authentication and electronic signatures. Everybody knows the struggle using passwords. They are Insecure, slow and user-unfriendly. We are using the user’s smartphone to enable quick, secure and user-friendly single- and multi-factor authentication. XignQR can be used on Websites, Online Shops but also in the "real world" for physical access. Furthermore XignQR offers the possibility to legally sign electronic documents, transactions, bills or company internal processes. XignQR can be installed in your company’s infrastructure or can be used as a Service. The online service platform offers IDaaS, AUTHaaS, SIGaaS. On the one hand we give back the controls to the user over their data and make the digital world more secure and easier. On the other hand we are bringing security into companies and enable small companies to come in touch with a big user-base.