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by Baqend

Did you know that 100ms of page load time cost you 1% revenue (Amazon study)?

Baqend develops a cloud backend, to help programmers build instantly-loading websites with a novel caching algorithm. With its serverless approach Baqend is ideal for building better applications in less time.
We help agencies, startups and software companies create data-driven websites and mobile apps with higher productivity and guarantee unprecedented performance in terms of response times and scalability. To this end, our Backend-as-a-Service provides ready to use modules for common enterprise features including data and file storage, user authentication, push notifications and real-time queries. The unique performance comes out of the box as Baqend leverages seminal technology from database and web performance research in all its APIs.

We address the 1.3 billion USD Backend-as-a-Service market, where we demonstrably outperform other vendors by a factor of 6.8. Join us in building a faster web.