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Book your seats in the greatest restaurants of the world!

by Seatris

Problem: Customers book tables 
at high-end restaurants but either cancel 
at the last minute or don´t show 
up for their booking, resulting in 
an empty table, wasted food, 
lost profits and of course you, who cannot book although tables were ready for you!

Solution: Seatris´economy system is designed to drastically reduce late cancellations and no-shows for the industry through an integrated reservation system that includes
 a secure live credit card verification process, automatic waitlists as well as ad-
vanced capacity and yield utilization managers. The Seatris smart machine 
saves more than a day of reservation management time per week and allows more customers to experience high-end restaurants through intelligent automatic seating.

Our team is as unique as our services and we are ready to rock-n-roll startup night Berlin!