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Clinc App

by Clinc App

Clinc, the new mobile savings application, is helping users save money automatically. With a dynamic intelligence algorithm, Clinc optimizes the savings behavior for its users by using an unique and self learning intelligence that combines multiple data sources, logic and rules. Clinc’s dynamic algorithm, analyses users spending behavior and finds savings potential within their personal current account. The algorithm is based on pattern recognition, user input and peer group comparisons including user income and spending to find an amount users can set aside. Once Clinc has calculated the perfect amount for the user to set aside, it is automatically transferred to a Clinc account.
The Clinc founders represent a unique fusion of experience and authority in the mobile app, finance and marketing industry. Julien Arnold is the founder and former CEO of the #1 banking app “Numbrs” while iF Design awarded Andreas Sohns is known for his innovation, marketing and experience design.