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Trotzkind GmbH

by Trotzkind GmbH

While films tower above a century of storytelling, they have never expanded to the realm of interactivity.
In order to achieve those goals, new technology has to be invented. Using computer-generated 3D-characters always ends up looking not real and using traditional 2D-film immediately looks 2D and fake the moment the user starts to move his head around. That is why Trotzkind developed a technology to film people in real 3D with depth-data. By utilising 3D-filmed people with CGI or photogrammetry backgrounds, we cannot only achieve a linear and interactive film that people can walk around in, we also have the ability to export the experience as a 360°-video version for mobile devices and as a 2D-film with free range of movement for unlimited camera-angles and movement that can be produced during post-production. This opens up additional sources of revenue.
Trotzkind was founded by Sven Haeberlein and Nico Nonne and is based in Berlin.