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by Adiume

No matter if you are a family father who wants to record his continuous expenses or a business woman who needs to keep proofs of her business trip: Collecting and keeping paper receipts gets on everyone’s nerves – not to mention the tons of paper wasted for their production.
Facing this issue, we created Adiume! Adiume is a free-to-use cross platform application that takes care of all your receipts. We digitize all the paper receipts you receive right at the POS via our app – since this is digital you profit from features like warranty reminders, categorization (e.g. tax relevant), expenses analysis, cloud interfaces etc. So never again must you make any thoughts about your receipts.
In digitizing receipts, Adiume is a first-mover on the market as there is no other company successful with accomplishing our goal. In addition, the market weight is huge - just if you think of the millions of receipts printed daily.
Adiume is run by Lennart Schulze (CEO) and Mahir Arslan (CFO).