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by Wild&Root

Wild&Root wants to raise awareness of our food and stages those in a shared culinary experience. We want to show, where the products come from and what healing powers they contain as well as how easy it is to prepare your own food. With our culinary events we involve our guests in the preparation and impart knowledge about the products in a playful way. This can be carrots from the ceiling, beet root which has to be dug out, cheese in balloons or roots in a coat of clay which has to be smashed by a hammer. We are taking time together.
We want to give inspiration for your shopping, impart delight for the preparation and move people again to enjoyment through a sensual experience. The table is not only a place to satisfy the hunger, but also a place for conversations and exchange, reflection and deceleration as well as appreciation for our prosperity. We love shared, good food which brings great pleasure!