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by Velohub

Every year, only in the EU, +2000 cyclists die in accidents with cars. +70% of these accidents happen in roundabouts & crossroads, where visual interaction is critical. The current system for visual interaction, hand signaling, does not work in darkness or at high speed. We need something new: Blinkers.

Blinkers is an integral safety solution that wisely combines lights and sensors in order to make cyclists visible no matter the angle or the situation. How? Thanks to a comprehensive set of functionalities:
-dynamic turning indicators, controlled with a handlebar pad.
-wireless brake light.
-darkness sensitive rear and front lights.
-safety lasers.
-easy-to-use (USB charge, magnetic system, universal mounts)

Blinkers does not only target the +50 Million Urban Cyclists in Europe+US, but also the +700 cities with bike sharing systems in the world. We recently validated the concept with a Kickstarter, in which we collected +500 pre-orders in 30 days.