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kokojoo Food Europe GmbH

Company Description

When you think of cocoa, only chocolate comes to mind? Discover kōkōjoo the world’s first comprehensive cocoa-based trademark. At kōkōjoo we show you the diversity of cocoa and present the superfood at its best. Our vision is the transformation of the complete cocoa pod into new innovative food and lifestyle products, also to contribute to reducing waste of resources. After all, the cocoa pod offers much more than the beans, the basic ingredient for chocolate. In this process, we rely on a partial relocation of the production chain to the countries of origin of our raw materials. Because one thing is clear: there is no development without contributing to local added value. Our firstbird, Pelure de Cacao, is a refreshing drink based on cocoa bean shell infusion. It is low in calories, vegan and completely natural. Pelure de Cacao is an exotic delight, best enjoyed cold and pure or as a longdrink. kōkōjoo – the full joy of cocoa