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MexiLove - Berliner Tomatenschnaps

Company Description

Naughty. Wild. Wonderful. Arisen from Berlin’s kitchens and bars, this tomato schnaps combines fresh tomato juice, natural vodka and spicy chili with the feeling of an amazing night out. Spread the Love!

MexiLove represents love, friendship and fun in a bottle. The tomato liqueur is strictly made of natural ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives are deployed. The tomato juice consists of more than 60% direct juice and the hand-selected spices guarantee a full-flavoured and spicy taste.

Straight out of the nightlife of the German capital, MexiLove is produced in a small batches, together with a family owned producer. Now, the first clients can enjoy a savory schnaps and MexiLove is filling an important gap for savory spirits in the market.

MexiLove can be served as shot or can be used as basis for the very famous cocktail “Bloody Mary”. Shake well and serve chilled.