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Air Profile GmbH

Company Description

Our customers are wind park developers and the global wind energy market will increase tenfold by 2050. In order to build a profitable wind farm, two factors are elementary. You know which ones?
Right... Capital and wind.
So how do you convince an investor or a bank to give you capital to finance your multi-million project? By reducing their risk and showing them that your wind farm will be profitable! This requires precise wind data. And that's what we do.
We offer wind measurement campaigns as a full service. The tool for this service is not an old-fashioned 140 meter high mast, but our award-winning and patent-pending Lateral LiDAR. The laser-based system enables contactless wind speed measurements at altitudes of up to 300 meters.
With this innovative system and the service based on it, we reduce the risk for all parties involved. No building permit, no delay, no stress. Air Profile delivers highly reliable data at low cost to increase the value of any wind project!