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Belyntic GmbH

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Clean substances are the key for the exploration, development and production of novel drugs. Fast and scalable purification solutions are therefore required throughout the pharmaceutical value chain. Belyntic has taken that challenge. We have developed Peptide Easy Clean (PEC), a novel technology for the purification of chemically synthesized peptides.
Peptides are small proteins. As regulators, inhibitors or hormones, they represent an important biochemical class. Native peptides can be adapted, rebuilt and improved via chemical synthesis to creat new and powerful drugs.
We sell the first purification kits in various scales for chemically synthesized peptides worldwide. No costly instrumentation is required anymore. Using Belyntics kit products, customers from academia and industry save 80% and more of time during parallel purification with unmet separation selectivity. More than 75% less organic solvents are consumed per peptide, rendering PEC a green purification alternative.

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