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As Good As Pros

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We are UBER for sports.
As Good As Pros Sports Community is a blockchain enabled platform where you can share your sports experience as a service to others or where you can book affordable training sessions yourself.
Everyone profits from our decentralized platform: talented sportsmen have the possibility to make money with their passion and people, who want to improve their skills, can do so for little money. We make sports training accessible to the mass market. It's easy, affordable, and fast:
1. You simply select your sports activity, location, and time,
2. you choose one of the As Good As Pros Sports fellas displayed in the list,
3. you book a session on-demand.
With our AGAP community platform you can
1) Learn, improve your sports skills and save money
2) Share your own sports experience and make money
3) Share passion for sports & help each other out
Everybody's got talent! Share yours and learn from others.

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