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tacterion sensorskin makes every surface touch and pressure sensitive

by tacterion GmbH

With sensorskin we enable designers and engineers to think products different and truly human-centered. With our technology every surface becomes touch and pressure sensitive. With our help, world-leading companies are creating user-centric products that completely revolutionize way we interact with technology. E.g. we enable the direct collaborating of workers: robots will become more intuitive and safer to work with than today. Our technology puts the human in the center: technology retreats in the background. The user can actually focus on the important things – like their work, their children or the traffic.
sensorskin is a soft, flexible and robust sensor, made out of silicone material which has been developed over years at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). It measures pressure as well as touch and can be imagined like a very soft skin layer. By implementing sensorskin, our customers will the next generation of intuitive Human-Machine-Interfaces and truly responsive products.
There is no other technology that allows to equip highly complex and soft surfaces with sensors offering our flexibility and durability. With this technology we are at the forefront of the growing market of stretchable electronics. The patented technology was originally developed to give robots a sense of touch. We transfer it to many different industries: It will be applied inside of wearables and textiles, in car interiors, blankets, gaming devices and many more. sensorskin e.g. increases efficiency in connected industrial applications through the monitoring of flexible components and parts. The data our sensors generate enables e.g. predictive maintenance scenarios in circumstances where not possible before.