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by Saturo Foods GmbH

Saturo is a nutritionally complete, healthy and convenient meal - in a bottle.

Saturo provides busy people with a healthy meal when they would otherwise skip eating or choose an unhealthy option for lack of time and choice.

Our customers want to provide their body with all it needs, but do not have the time to prepare 3 meals every day.

They are working, are on the move to their next meeting, heading to the gym or otherwise occupied.
Today many people solve this problem by skipping breakfast or eating fast food more often than they want. The more daring people already switched to powder foods, mixing powder and water into one healthy meal. Saturo removes this last step and makes smart food more tasty and even less work. Open the fridge, grab a bottle, drink and the hunger is gone for more than 3 hours! It’s possible to live of Saturo solely.

Saturo is the first company in Europe to sell a ready-to-drink meal replacement in a bottle.
Our drink is available in three flavours, original, chocolate and coffee.
With a focus on high quality ingredients and taste, Saturo is the taste, variety and quality leader in this emerging market.

In recent years, many powdered complete food companies popped up in Europe, following in the footsteps of Soylent.

Saturo has skipped this step and provides a modern meal replacement in the more convenient ready-to-drink bottle. This removes the need for a shaker and all the mess that comes with scooping and preparing. As an added benefit, prepared drinks have a better consistency and taste than shakes prepared at home.
Saturo's customer satisfaction has been stellar.