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SafeToNet safeguards children on social media from harmful content by blocking it before it is seen and before the damage is done.

by SafeToNet

Social networks thrive on freedom of speech. The consequence is the right to offend and be offended. This has lead to cyberbullying, trolling, online abuse and aggression, sexting, grooming, radicalisation and other online predatory risks.
One in 4 teenagers have been the victim of cyberbullying. 83 million users on Facebook are not who they say they are.
Social Networks cannot (or will not) stop online abuse as it restricts the 'freedom' they give to their users. SafeToNet solves the problem for social networks, chat rooms and gaming platforms by giving their users (and notably parents of children) the independent choice of blocking and stopping abuse by providing a safeguarding tool that seamlessly wraps around their online world.

SafeToNet is a cognitive computing system that blocks harmful messages and content on social networks before they are seen and the damage is done. It uses AI, natural language processing, behavioural, statistical, probability, predictive, correlative and sentiment analytics. It can contextualise content and blocks harmful content, dangerous apps and suspicious users, in real time before the damage is done. No one else is doing this.

SafeToNet also allows parents to block apps remotely on Android and IOS, offers time block and can ground a child's phone. It's empowering parents again (!) and helping to avoid conflict with kids.

Our research showed that parents want advice and guidance as well so we offer a resource of information and advice on digital safety for kids and how to deal with sensitive issues, what is trending, new apps that kids are using and so on.
We are a B2B2C selling both directly via the app stores but also via the global network operators (MNOs) with a view to embedding SafeToNet in with the mobile contact. We are currently trialling our product with BT and EE and in discussions with Vodafone, O2, Sky Mobile, Tescos Mobile, M1 and Singtel regarding trials. MNOs are under pressure to tackle this issue.